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Sajaas Boutique Espanio Mrs Kerala 2022 Crown Won By Mrs. Sreelakshmi N Nair

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Sajaas Boutique Espanio Mrs Kerala 2022 Crown Won By Mrs. Sreelakshmi N Nair

December 21, 2022 | admin | blog

First Runner Up – Reshma Radhakrishnan Nair
Second Runner Up – Aparna S
Third Runner Up – Anjana A

Mrs.Kerala is a prestigious beauty pageant of Kerala crafted by Espanio events which was first staged in 2017. This beauty pageant is happening every year in a consecutive manner. In 2022 also Espanio events repeated its magic by celebrating Mrs.Kerala 2022 grand finale on 30th November in the luxurious indoors of Camelot, Alleppey and the title sponsor was Sajaas Designer Boutique, Dubai. 33 contestants were selected for the grand finale through auditions from more than three thousand applications received worldwide. Apart from the title winner and three runners up, 17 contestants were also selected for subtitles on their merits.        

Mrs. Kerala is solely crafted for married women of Kerala or Kerala origin, irrespective of their professions. Married women are often forced to sacrifice their dreams for family and kids. There is no exception even for well qualified married women. In Kerala’s society, it’s deeply immersed in the minds of women and men alike that it’s the duty of women to look after children and manage the kitchen which makes married women sacrifice their professions. Married women are a segment that stays away from their passions whereas unmarried women enjoy a hundred platforms to demonstrate their talents and skills. Married women do not enjoy much rights to speak about their professional aspirations and are not expected to cross the line laid by our society. This is the scenario where Espanio events dashed into the scene with Mrs.Kerala concept to rekindle the doused dreams of married Malayali women who still pursue their dreams.

Espanio always focuses on perfection and had arranged a one week grooming session where all contestants underwent rigorous training for the grand finale. It was reputed groomer and choreographer Dalu Krishnadas who handled the training session. The grooming session was like a miracle for all the contestants that they realized their hidden capabilities which made them bold and beautiful on the stage. This beauty pageant was conducted in three different rounds. The highlight of Mrs.Kerala 2022 was that it supported our traditional weavers and used handloom sarees in the first round of introduction. The second highlight of this event was that all contestants had engaged in charity activities as part of this pageant which really made a difference in their attitude.

Espanio always gives utmost attention to build a jury panel of celebrities from the fashion and entertainment industry and the 2022 grand finale was also not an exception. The judging panel was consisted of celebrities like Sajinas Saleem- Mrs.Kerala Brand Ambassador & 2017 Title Winner, Jomol -Cine Artist, Niyas Musaliyar-Cine Artist, Rooma VS – Founder of Rooma Permanent Cosmetics, and Dilsha Prasannan- Actress, Dancer, & Big Boss Winner Season 4. Dazzling entertainment programs like music concerts and dance performances were also designed to boost the fascinating aura. Espanio Events executed this beauty pageant in association with its advertising partner Black and White Creations. Espanio Events Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Anwar A.T, Mrs.Kerala Brand Ambassador Sajinas Saleem, and reputed fashion choreographer Mr. Dalu Krishnadas were the key persons behind Mrs. Kerala 2022. Mr. Anwar AT was the Show Director of Mrs.Kerala 2022.


Subtitle Winners

  1. Best personality – Anitha Vinod
  2. Best Catwalk – Dakshina B
  3. Best talent – Arya Devakumar Sunitha
  4. Best Photogenic – Soniya Vinu
  5. Beautiful Smile – Sreelakshmi Nair
  6. Beautiful lips – Swetha Pranab
  7. Beautiful Body – Reshma Radhakrishnan Nair
  8. Beautiful Skin – Aswathy K
  9. Beautiful Hair – Nikhila Luiz
  10. Beautiful Eyes – Preetha Venugopal
  11. Mrs. Vivacious – Divyasree Bhadran
  12. Mrs. Fashion Icon – Saritha S N
  13. Mrs. Congeniality – Swathy Vijay
  14. Mrs. Shining Star – Ajila Nair
  15. Mrs. Admired personality – Sreetha Sreenivas
  16. Mrs. Media Ally 2022 (special) – Rajini Vinu
  17. Mrs. Philanthropist – Deepthi V R


Sajaas Designer Boutique (Dubai) was the Title Sponsor of Mrs Kerala 2022. The Powered by Sponsors are Electro Green Motors, Kesha Hair Oil, Shop 365 Days and Swadeshi Mermer Italia.

Associate Sponsors are Techo Electra Electric scooter, Cosbike electric scooter, Dao electric scooter, DQ Watches. 

Co-sponsors are Raymotoss electric scooter, Safety plus hygienic products, skillmap training and services.

Marketing Partner – Black and White Creations

Skin Care Partner – Rooma Permanent Cosmetic Clinic

Fitness Partner – Kult Fitness

Official Photography Partner – Snapshot

Light and Sound Partner – Reson8

Magazine Partner – Unique Times

Flower Partner – Black Tulips

Venue Partner – Camelot, Alleppey

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