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Managing Director
A visionary who perceives ahead of times and strives hard to maintain values in business has contributed a vital part in the formation of three diverse ventures in the advertising and entertainment industries. He has excelled in diverse activities in his spheres of concern that helped him to make escalation in business a reality towards the heights of distinction and prestige where creativity never ends. He initiated train branding and railway advertising in Kerala for the first time which turned a major medium of advertising, nowadays. Mr. Anwar, who was an active film personality behind the camera long ago, never gave up his aesthetic traits as he still pursues creative innovations.


Sajinas Saleem is a renowned Indian fashion designer and a winner in many beauty pageants. She was born and brought up in Dubai and received great exposure to the world of art and culture which later paved the way for fashion and beauty pageant industries. After her schooling, she has acquired Master’s Degree in Business Administration followed by a specialization in Fashion Designing. It is vivid that her educational qualifications have truly made a way in her life through which she has been walking towards her dreams.